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Archie (1943) comic books 1956-1969

  • Issue #78
    Archie (1943) 78
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  • Issue #79
    Archie (1943) 79

    "How're You Fixed for Blades," pencils by Harry Lucey (?);Archie talks Mr. Weatherbee into having the faculty attend an ice-skating get-together on Saturday, not realizing that Archie's ulterior motive is make the faculty so tired and sore from skating that they won't be able to come to school on Monday. "Takes Two to Tangle," pencils by Harry Lucey; Archie and Reggie have a fight to decide to who will take Veronica to the dance; Reggie wins easily, which causes Archie to practice boxing with Jughead; At the dance, Archie tries to take Veronica home, thinking he can now beat Reggie. "Anty-Social!", script by Frank Doyle (?), art by Bob Montana (?);Jughead spends weeks teaching an ant to do tricks, but when he and Archie take the ant to the booking agent, things go badly. Archie Fun Page. "A Cool Out"; Pat gets in trouble when he hits a boy with a snowball. "Hidden Assets"; Archie is complaining to Betty about the money Veronica spends on beauty treatments. "Dots a Plenty"; Veronica and another girls talk about liking a polka-dot dress they just saw; However, when Betty comes in the Choklit Shoppe wearing that dress, the two decide they don't like it. "Stutter Nonsense"; Reggie makes fun of Sam, who stutters, but Sam gets the last laugh. "Fit to Be Tied!"; Somebody swipes Archie's jacket at the Chocklit Shoppe; After describing the jacket, Archie doesn't get much sympathy from Pop. Archie Giant Series ad. "Phone Flub"; Archie tries to make Veronica jealous with a fake phone call, but is exposed when a repairman comes to fix the pay phone, which has been out of order all day. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #80
    Archie (1943) 80

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    "Brawn Yesterday," pencils by Harry Lucey (?);After reading the book "Mind Over Matter," Archie convinces himself that he can beat up Reggie (and proceeds to demonstrate on poor Jughead); However, when he confronts Reggie with his positive outlook, he finds that Reggie hasn't read the book. Super Duck ad. "See You in My Screams!", pencils by Harry Lucey (?);When Archie gives a smart-aleck answer to Miss Grundy in class, she says she will phone his father that night; Reggie comes up with a plan to get Archie's parents out of the house. "Essay Come, Essay Go"; While baby-sitting for Mr. and Mrs. Smedley, Archie tries to write an essay for school; A radiator keeps making noise, but when Archie goes to get a screw to fix it, he gets his hand stuck in a jar, leading to a series of mishaps. Is That a Fact? article; A series of factual anecdotes about Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, oxidation of iron, fish diseases, the worth of a minerals in a human body; and the size of mice and whales at birth. "A Square"; When Pat drops a box of doughnuts and they all roll away, he returns to the baker and asks if he has any square ones. "Once a Pond a Time," pencils by Harry Lucey (?);When an old lady criticizes Archie for putting worms on a hook while fishing, Archie shows her that his bait is a plastic worm. Archie Annual ad. "Sinker Swim"; To keep Archie and Reggie from fighting to see who gets to take Veronica to a Jimmy Clax dance, Mr. Lodge offers to officiate a trout fishing contest between the two. Wilbur ad. Archie Club ad. "Father Glows Best"; Archie is embarrassed when his father tells stories of his youth when his friends are over. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #81
    Archie (1943) 81

    Stories by Tom Moore? and unknown. Art by Tom Moore? and unknown. Archie gives Betty a "dime and clip" in "Gem Dandy"! Plus: Reggie believes Jughead is girl crazy in the half-pager "Like A Fox"; Archie and Reggie are going spear fishing, while Jughead remains on the pier in "The Wrong Spear-It!"; Midge tells Big Moose to count to ten before he loses his temper in "Lost And Pound"; they have real tasty dishes at the drive-in the Reggie half-pager "Chow Chuckle" by Tom Moore?; Mr Lodge likes to go diving and thinks that he's an expert in the 1-pager "Lookouts Below"; Archie tells Betty that he gets sleepy in a warm room, so she turns the thermostat up to 90 in "Kiss-Spoof!"; Mr Lodge thinks he sees a sea monster in the 1-pager "See Monster!"; and Archie invites Veronica to the dance, and then hears he has to know how to dance the Mambo in "Ankles Away"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #82
    Archie (1943) 82

    Cover pencils by Samm Schwartz (?). "Toney Phonies!"; When Veronica sees Archie helping Betty and Jughead tidy up the yard to prepare for next week's barbeque, Veronica suddenly reveals that she has a catered affair scheduled for the same night. "Fit to Be Tried," script by Frank Doyle (?), pencils by Bob Montana (?);Veronica knits a sweater for Archie; Betty overhears Veronica tell Archie that she put the sweater in a locker she shares with Betty; After a battle with her conscience, Betty douses the package in water, then dries it out on a hot radiator. Katy Keene ad. "Buddha Pest," pencils by Harry Lucey (?); Archie admires a small statue of Buddha; Veronica says it's been in the family for years, but is one of a pair and is practically worthless without its mate. "Chip Off the Old Back!", pencils by Harry Lucey (?);Archie's father injures his back while playing ball with Archie in the backyard. "Fashion Passion," pencils by Samm Schwartz (?);Veronica has a crush on fashion plate Lucius Peeby, whose father is editor of "Young Squire," which sets the tone for new teen boy styles. Little Archie ad. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #83
    Archie (1943) 83

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    Stories by Bob Bolling, Frank Doyle, Samm Schwartz and unknown. Art by Bob Bolling, Samm Schwartz, Harry Lucey, Bill Vigoda and unknown. Archie and Jughead are feuding in "Friendly Enemies!" Plus: Mr. Weatherbee and Archie argue over who gets to take books to the pretty teacher's house in "Dog Gone"; a girl gives Pat a black eye while they're playing house in the Pat the Brat 1-pager "Housebroken"; Veronica is having a weenie roast in her back yard and Reggie tries to trick Big Moose into chopping wood for the fire in "Hearts 'n' Hot Dogs"; Veronica has a crush on Ralph, the new student, and Archie's jealous in "The Pity of It All"; Archie tries to convince his father that the "D"s on his report card stand for "Dandy" in the 1-pager "Oh Say, Can You "C""; Archie and Betty watch a hypnotist on television in the 1-pager "Dog Show"; Mr. Weatherbee tries to get the coach to be more positive when talking to his basketball team in "Temper Fugit"; Archie has to be quiet in a library in the 1-pager "Suffer in Silence"; and Reggie tells Jughead his dentist is overcharging him in the 1-pager "Not So Fast"! Also: "Archie Does It!" activity page and "Archie Fun Page"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #84
    Archie (1943) 84

    "Words Ail Me!"; Archie decides he needs to learn to play a musical instrument in order to serenade Veronica; The only thing he can afford is a harmonica. "Worst Aid"; Archie needs some help with his homework; His father proves to be no help. "Snow Fun"; Betty and Veronica like the snow, except when it is in snowballs. "All Work and No Pay"; Archie is given a job helping Professor Flutesnoot after school; The Professor is working on an experiment and keeps one door of the lab locked to keep people away from the apparatus. "Late-Late-Late Show"; Pat sneaks down and watches television late at night. Archie Giant Series ad. "Tense and Non-tense"; Mr. Weatherbee is upset that Archie and Reggie spend more time fighting than learning good grammar; Instead of fighting, the pair decide to flip a coin over Veronica, but all that does it make her mad at them. Little Archie ad. Archie Club News. "All Jerk and No Play"; Moose is upset when Midge decides to join a Little Theatre Group; The play has the girls in harem costumes with veils; Midge is wearing a blonde wig and Reggie mistakes Veronica for Midge. "Purse Hurts"; Mr. Lodge fractures his toe by dropping his wallet on it. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #85
    Archie (1943) 85

    Stories by unknown. Art by unknown. Featuring Archie in: "Micro-Phoneys"; "The Faring of the Green"; "Invitation To a Dance"; the half-pager "Wife Strife"; "Spring Shower"; and the 1-pager "His Merry Old Mobile"! Plus: Betty and Veronica in "Forget-Me-Not"; Reggie in the half-pager "Negative Response"; and Jughead in "Pearls of Wisdom" and the 1-pager "Labor Slaving"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #86
    Archie (1943) 86
  • Issue #87
    Archie (1943) 87

    "Two For One"; Melvin, the new kid and gets Jughead to introduce him to Veronica; He asks her for a date and she accepts; Later she realizes that she'll need to stay away from Archie when she goes on her date with Melvin, so she goes to the museum, thinking Archie would never go there. "Hat's My Girl"; Veronica makes her own hat; While going to show it to her father, she stumbles over a bench and upsets the lamp; The lampshade ends up on her head and her father compliments her on it. "Father Glows Best"; Archie's father thinks he's spending too much time at Veronica's and makes him stay home; An old friend of Fred's drops by unexpectedly and reveals that Fred won Mary by spending all his time at her house. Archie Annual ad. "Sentence Stricture," pencils by Harry Lucey; The boys are speaking in "reverse English" (example: "Trying past you to sneak he was!"), and Mr. Weatherbee is refusing to pay attention to them unless they use proper grammar. Archie Club News. "Phone for All"; Veronica sets up the telephone so she can pretend to take calls from other boys and make Archie jealous; Archie gets mad and insults the next caller, who happens to be a legitimate caller with business with Mr. Lodge. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #88
    Archie (1943) 88

    Stories by unknown. Art by unknown. Featuring Archie in: "Dark Victory"; the 1-pager "Anti-Dote"; "Let Us Bray"; "Scorched Earth"; the half-pager "Writer Wrong"; and "Which Doctor?" Plus: Betty and Veronica in the half-pager "Tell-Tale"! Also: Jughead in the 1-pager "Trap Sap"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #89
    Archie (1943) 89

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    Stories by Tom Moore and unknown. Art by Tom Moore, Samm Schwartz, Dan DeCarlo and unknown. Back to School clothes in "Small Change"! Plus: Moose kicks a football on the roof in the half-pager "How High The Goon"; a year ago, Jughead couldn't pay his restaurant bill in the half-pager "Second Helping"; Jughead was fired in the half-pager "Higher Education"; Miss Grundy asks about famous quotations in the half-pager "Thank You Bury Much"; Veronica shows off her outfit that she's going to wear to the beach party with Archie in "Dates The Limit!"; Reggie is getting spruced up for his date in the 1-pager "Take Your Pic!"; the gang tries to write a jingle in "All Washed Up"; and Reggie wrote the new drama club presentation in "Ham On Wry"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #90
    Archie (1943) 90

    Cover by Harry Lucey. Stories by unknown. Art by Harry Lucey, Dan DeCarlo, Tom Moore and unknown. The school is planning to have an auction to remove surplus and unclaimed items, but Reggie puts the sign on the wrong door in "Auctions of Love"! Plus: Archie needs a photograph of Veronica to enter a contest in "Censor-Snip"; the boys believe the girls are trying to trade them away, so they try to trade themselves in "Don't Barter Me!"; Archie calls the weather bureau before they go out on their picnic in the 1-pager "Sores of Information"; what to do on a dull Saturday in "Nothing Doing!"; the dance committee needs folks to help in the 0.75-pager "Muscle Head"; Moose was standing by the refreshment table in the 0.25-pager "What happened?"; Pat needs 50 cents to join his parents in the Pat the Brat half-pager "Cent-imental Journey"; Pat gets a bow and arrow from his dad in the Pat the Brat half-pager "Bows and Errors"; Archie seeks advice from Betty on what a woman wants in a man in the half-pager "Putty Good"; Jughead's car has a lot of trouble in the half-pager "Hood-Winked"; and Veronica uses the scale at Pop Tate's and discovers that she is now ten pounds overweight in "Never Say Diet!" 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #91
    Archie (1943) 91

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    "Cops and Robbers!"; The gang plans to have a surprise party for Veronica; They get Betty to keep her occupied, but her absence from home, along with some confusing phone calls, have Mr. Lodge convinced that Veronica has been kidnapped. "Oh Sleigh, Can You See!"; When he's running late for school, Archie borrows Murgatroyd's sled to gain some time. "Counter Spy"; Archie gets a part-time job at Pop Tate's; Reggie tries to get Archie fired by ordering an improbable sandwich of "cucumbers, chopped liver, hard-boiled eggs, tuna fish, chopped walnuts, and a slice of salami." "Whine, Swimmin' and Song"; Coach Kleats can't get the girls in his swimming class to get in the water; They gossip and swoon over a crooner named Elvis Boone. Archie Giant Series ad. "A Vicious Cycle"; Reggie has a new Italian motorcycle and has Veronica's attention; Archie tries to counter by building a homemade scooter of his own. Archie Club News. "Share Nonsense!"; A business client arrives at the Andrews' home a half-hour early; Archie must entertain him, but a garbled telephone conversation makes him think the client enjoys practical jokes. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #92
    Archie (1943) 92

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    Stories by Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards and unknown. Art by Harry Lucey, Joe Edwards and unknown. Archie takes pride in being a news reporter -- even if it's only for the school newspaper. But Reggie takes glee in sending "Scoop" Andrews on false leads, especially if it frees up Veronica for the night, in "Stop the Presses"! Plus: Veronica is on a diet and is walking to lose weight in "Fallen Arch's"; Archie learns that Veronica is sick and races to her side, barreling into Betty in the process in "The Old Bawl Game"; Jughead gives Archie a math puzzle to work out in "Sorry, Wrong Number"; Li'l Jinx chases after a man's hat that blew off his head on a windy day in the Li'l Jinx 1-pager "In a Breeze!"; and someone is writing anonymous poison pen letters to the students at Riverdale High, signing them 'The Phantom,' in "Poison Pen Pals"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #93
    Archie (1943) 93

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    Cover by Harry Lucey & Terry Szenics. Stories by Frank Doyle, Tom Moore and unknown. Art by Harry Lucey & Terry Szenics, Samm Schwartz, Tom Moore, Dan DeCarlo & Rudy Lapick and unknown. Archie returns from a trip to the South, sporting a Southern wardrobe, a Southern accent, and courtly Southern manners that the girls all swoon over in "Southern Exposure!" Plus: Jughead eats twelve rubber hot dogs Reggie brought to a party as a gag in "Man Bites Dog!"; there's a prize being offered to the student who's most helpful to the teachers in "Award To the Wise"; in a fishing competition, Archie uses heavy fishing equipment, while Reggie uses scuba gear to dive in after the fish in "Reel Anglers"; Archie asks us to guess the "stones" associated with different jobs in the activity page "Stone Query"; Archie taking up boxing in the 1-pager "Punch Lines"; and after Veronica says she admires men with poise, Reggie and Betty try to break up her and Archie by causing Archie to have a lot of accidents in "Poise Will Be Poise"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #94
    Archie (1943) 94
    • Water damage. 1-1/2" spine split from base of comic.
    • 2" tear on back cover. Heavy spine wear.

    Stories by unknown. Art by unknown. Fred tries to shame Archie into helping Mary with the housework only to find out that the new club that Archie has started is cleaning the homes of all its members in "Half a Loafer"! Plus: Mr. Weatherbee sends Miss Grundy off on a three-day leave before he realizes just how much she does at the school in "Wish You Were Here"; Coach Kleats is upset when Jughead decides to try out for the track team in "What Makes Juggie Run?"; Archie tells Betty about how he argued with Reggie over which one of them would take Betty to the dance in "Right Makes Fight"; Reggie in the 1-pager "Help Wanted"; Archie in the 1-pager "Degrading"; and Reggie gets Archie to watch Tommy's parakeet in "Bird Watcher!" 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #95
    Archie (1943) 95

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    Cover pencils by Harry Lucey. "Counselor at Lore," script by Frank Doyle, pencils by Harry Lucey, inks by Rudy Lapick; Mr. Weatherbee tells Archie that he wants to see Archie's father and Archie imagines the worst. "The Punishment Fits the Crime"; Archie's parents are upset when they find their kitchen and workshop in a shambles, but get a surprise when they see what Archie was working on. "A Helping Hand," pencils by Dan DeCarlo (?);Archie and Veronica have to break their date to work in their parents' gardens; Betty volunteers to do the work, but after being kissed by Archie in appreciation, is so lovesick that she butchers both gardens. Archie's Pals 'n' Gals ad. "Cool Column and Collected"; Archie is gossip columnist for the school newspaper, but has nothing to write about; Jughead volunteers to come up with a juicy item, but manages to get Archie in trouble with both Betty and Veronica. "Royal Bust," script by Frank Doyle, art by Harry Lucey; Mr. Weatherbee has a contest; Whoever can sculpt the best clay bust of him will be named King (or Queen) of the School for a day. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #96
    Archie (1943) 96

    "Dates the Limit," pencils by Harry Lucey; Archie manages to make homework study dates with Betty and Veronica for the same night; By using friend Tommy's motorcycle to commute back and forth he almost gets away with it. "Bitter Batter"; After watching his team struggle to hit the ball in batting practice, Coach Kleats steps in to show them how it's done. "Father Knows Best"; When Archie's father complains that Archie spends too much time at Veronica's, Archie decides to spend the day at home. Archie's Pals 'n' Gals ad. "That's My Baby," pencils by Dan DeCarlo; Veronica has two tickets for the bowling match at the Sports Palace; When she suspects Betty has a date with Archie, she phones the Better Baby-Sitters' Bureau and sets up a baby-sitting job that Betty has to honor. Archie Club News. "The Tender Trap," pencils by Dan DeCarlo; Jughead's mother tells Betty that she can get Archie's attention by pampering him; After an afternoon of having his every wish granted, Archie asks Betty to repeat the performance at his house. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #97
    Archie (1943) 97

    Stories by Frank Doyle and unknown. Art by Harry Lucey & Terry Szenics, Bill Vigoda, Bob White, Samm Schwartz and unknown. Fred thinks Archie is spending $100 on Veronica's Christmas present and almost nothing on a present for his own parents in "Dad's Dilemma!" Plus: It's a half-hour until lunch time and everything in class reminds Jughead of hamburgers in "Burgers On the Brain"; Jughead offers to help Archie mow the lawn in "Live and Lawn"; Mr. Lodge doesn't care for Ronnie's taste in music in "Musically Yours"; Archie and Jughead try to install a state-of-the-art hi-fi sound system in Mr. Lodge's house in "High Fie"; Mr. Weatherbee gives Archie some pointers on fencing in "Don't Fence Me In"; and after Veronica vows to be more decisive, her father bets her that she can't go into a store and pick a dress in less than two minutes in "For Bet Or For Worse"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #98
    Archie (1943) 98

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    Stories by Frank Doyle and unknown. Art by Harry Lucey & Terry Szenics, Bill Vigoda, Bob White and unknown. Archie wants to go ice-skating, but everyone wonders if Veronica will let him, making him feel hen-pecked in "Deep Freeze"! Plus: Archie goes shopping with Veronica and has to carry all of her Christmas packages in "Package Deal"; Moose can't decide on a Christmas present for Archie in "Light Humor"; Archie brags to Jughead and Reggie that he can get any girl to date him in "Well Placed Point"; Archie agonizes over the cost of a Christmas present for his mother in "Pin Problem"; Reggie creates a scam that backfires on him in "Ice Going"; and Mr. Lodge is given a crystal Christmas present that he hates, so Archie tries to "accidentally" break it for him in "Holiday Horror"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #99
    Archie (1943) 99

    Stories by unknown. Art by Dan DeCarlo and unknown. When Veronica learns that Archie and Betty have the leads in a play, she tries to make Betty's cold worse than it is so she can take Betty's part in "Cured Ham"! Plus: Archie and Reggie try to con Jughead into buying pens that write underwater in "Silence Is Golden"; Archie and Reggie fight over who will watch Leroy while the other takes Veronica on a date in "X Marks the Spot"; Archie gets a job at Finster's Flower Shop and Reggie has him deliver flowers to places like Midge's house in "Petal Pushers"; Archie tells Jughead of the insult Reggie gave him in the 1-pager "Insultingly Yours"; Archie reads "What 75 Million Women Want", and Reggie takes the book to see if they spelled his name correctly in the half-pager "Ought-To Biography"; Archie gets a ticket in the half-pager "Highway Robbery"; Archie tells the reader in a 1-pager that Archie Comics won a Maggie award; Archie and his friends have humorous incidents at school in the 1-pager "School Daze!"; Moose tries to teach his dog to add in the half-pager "Barking Up the Wrong Three!"; and Jughead tells Reggie about lion-tamers in the half-pager "Inside Information"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #100
    Archie (1943) 100

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    Stories by unknown. Art by unknown. Archie and Jughead secure the door to the new clubhouse in "Something to a Door"! Plus: Jughead discusses the three types of parties in the 1-pager "Professor Jughead's Educational Corner"; Archie and Reggie in an old vaudeville routine in the 1-pager "Off the Cob"; Archie and Reggie wrestle while waiting for Veronica to choose a dress for her date with Reggie in "A Wrestled Development"; Jughead gives money to a bum in the half-pager "Hobo Holiday"; Jughead buys some eggs in the half-pager "Great Eggs-Pectations"; Betty thinks Archie is sick in "Prescription for Two"; and Archie gives Jughead a ride to school in the jalopy in "Auto-Suggestion"! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.