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Graphic novels published by Mattel

Out of stock Barbie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Katniss Everdeen Doll (2013) #0 Mattel 2013
In stock Batman Action Figure: Legacy Edition (2012 Mattel) Adult Collector #0 Mattel 2012
In stock DC Universe Action Figure (2007-Present Mattel) Classics #0 Mattel 2011
In stock DC Universe Green Lantern Action Figure (2011-Present) Classics #0 Mattel 2011
Out of stock Go Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown/Snoopy HC (1960 Mattel) A Peanuts Flip Book #1 Mattel 1960
In stock Green Lantern Movie Masters Action Figure (2011 Matte) #0 Mattel 2011
In stock Hot Wheels Action Pack (1998 Mattel) #0 Mattel 1998
In stock Hot Wheels Pro Racing (1996 Mattel) Collector 1997 1st Edition #0 Mattel 1996
In stock Hot Wheels Retro Collection (2013 Mattel) #0 Mattel 2013
Out of stock Hot Wheels Special Limited Edition Spawn Mobile Pack (1994 Mattel) with Bonus Comic Book #0 Mattel 1994
In stock Judge Dredd Mega Heroes Multi-Packs (1995 Mattel) #0 Mattel 1995
In stock Justice League Unlimited Action Figure (2004 Mattel/DC) #0 Mattel 2004 - 2005
In stock Last Action Hero Action Figure (1993 Mattel) Stunt Figure Series #0 Mattel 1993
In stock Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Action Figure (1984) #0 Mattel 1984
Out of stock Masters of the Universe Action Figure (1982-1987 Mattel) #0 Mattel 1982 - 1986
In stock Retro-Action: DC Super Heroes Action Figure (2009-Present Mattel) #0 Mattel 2009 - 2010
Out of stock Toy Story 2 Deluxe Playset (1999) #0 Mattel 1999
Out of stock Wizards of Waverly Place Favorite Scenes Potion Commotion Playset (2009 Mattel) #0 Mattel 2009
In stock You Can't Win, Charlie Brown/You're You, Charlie Brown HC (1962 Mattel) A Peanuts Flip Book #1 Mattel 1962