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Unbelievable Gwenpool TPB (2016 Marvel) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Unbelievable Gwenpool TPB (2016 Marvel) 1-1ST

    Volume 1 - 1st printing. "Believe It!" Collects Gwenpool (2016) #0-4. Written by Christopher Hastings. Art by Danillo Beyruth and Gurihiru. Cover by Gurihiru. The hero who could have been you takes center stage in her own series! Gwen Poole used to be a comic-book reader - until she woke up in a world where the characters she read about seemed to be real! But they can't be, right? This must all be a hoax or an imaginary story or something. And that consequences! With that philosophy, Gwenpool just may be Marvel's least responsible character to date! And getting into the merc business is a good way to start - until it pits her against Thor! Place your bets on the Goddess of Thunder vs. the Oddest of Wonders! And if Gwen somehow survives that encounter, with no skills or training, she'll face the wrath of M.O.D.O.K.! Being in a comic book is not as easy as it looks! Softcover, 152 pages, full color. Cover price $16.99.

  • Issue #2-1ST
    Unbelievable Gwenpool TPB (2016 Marvel) 2-1ST

    Volume 2 - 1st printing. "Head of MODOK!" Collects Gwenpool (2016) #5-10. Written by Christopher Hastings. Art by Irene Strychalsk and Gurihiru. Cover by Helen Chen. What's the best part about living in a world of comic-book heroes? Team-ups, baby! And imagine the awesome when Gwen Poole meets Miles Morales! Spider-Men and Gwens are a match made in heaven, right? Huh. Maybe not always - this one goes to some dark places! Second best thing about living in the Marvel Universe? The job opportunities! She's only been here a few weeks, and now she's got a shot at running her very own Mercenary Organization Dedicated Only to Killing - M.O.D.O.K.! Talk about getting ahead in business! But Gwenpool may not be up to the task! Still, it's always good to be wanted, right? Except when it's by the NYPD. Or aliens. Her only chance? Do something awful and not care about the consequences! Join the Gwenpool army today! Softcover, 136 pages, full color. Cover price $17.99.