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Army of Darkness TPB (2013 Dynamite) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Army of Darkness TPB (2013 Dynamite) 1-1ST

    Volume 1 - 1st printing. "Hail to the Queen, Baby!" Collects Army of Darkness (2012 Dynamite) #1-4. Written by Elliot Serrano. Art by Dietrich Smith. Cover by Tim Seeley. Ashley K. Williams is a "Smart-Stop" convenience store clerk who saw her boyfriend "infected" and turned into one of the evil dead by an object from outer space. Failing to possess her as well, the alien object displaced her back in time to ancient Egypt. After seeing his image in a mystic portal, Ashley has been bouncing across time and space, driven by a singular thought: "Find Ashley J. Williams." She is everything he isn't: smart, cunning and sensitive. And she is able to control the dark force that would possess her. Her hatred of it is only exceeded by her hope that her male counterpart can help her understand her destiny! Softcover, 144 pages, full color. Cover price $19.99.

  • Issue #2-1ST
    Army of Darkness TPB (2013 Dynamite) 2-1ST

    Volume 2 - 1st printing. "The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen!" Written by Elliot Serrano. Art by Edu Menna. Cover by Daniel Leister. Lost in time, low on gas... and surrounded by dames! Ashley J. Williams, the @$$-kicking Chosen One, is thrown through time to Prohibition Era Chicago. When the Book of the Dead revives an army of Deadite gangsters, Ash turns his boomstick in for a badge, his chainsaw for a tommy gun! But even greater evils from throughout the ages align against our hero, including King Montezuma, undead Nazi soldiers, and a resurrected Yakuza crime lord! Will the Chosen One survive the ravages of time, and how does the mysterious Lady Ash fit into the equation? Softcover, 168 pages, full color. Cover price $19.99.